"We're building a better world one brick at a time."

Paisley Brick and Tile has been a family owned business for over 115 years located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario. Over the decades, Paisley Brick and Tile has continued to grow with the times. With its resources and knowledge of the clay industry, combined with continuing research and development, efforts have led to steady growth in terms of product lines and manufacturing facilities.

We pride ourselves with a natural, sustainable line of products with unique flexibility and versatility to give personal service to the most complex job down to the smallest customized order.

All Paisley Brick and Tile product lines are manufactured in Paisley, Ontario and conform to CSA and ASTM standards for their type. All products are kiln fired to provide a dimensionally stable product with a pleasing terra cotta colour range.

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64 Brickyard Road
Paisley, Ontario
N0G 2N0
Phone: 519-353-5681
Fax:     519-353-5214
E-mail: paisley.brick@bmts.com
Web: www.paisleybrick.com